Mallorca has a beautiful mountain range called Sierra Tramuntana. We will explore and enjoy this unique corner.

We will hike on old trails that once connected the villages of the sierra. You will walk in the Mediterranean shrubland biome and you will enjoy the panorama from the top.

When you reach the top you can catch a glimpse of where the mountain meets the sea. While walking to the villages you will admire the Arabic influence through the current clever water system they have to irrigate the fields.

Panorama from the track

Sóller Orange Field

After a walk in the Soller village center, we will meet the organic Orange producers, Joan and Sebastiana, at their swell orange grove, just outside the village, called “Sa Vinyassa”. With them, we will discover the history and richness of the oranges and lemons of the Sóller valley.

“Sa Vinyassa” is a privileged spot to walk, under the impressive rocks of the Alfabia ridge, in a peaceful environment. The atmosphere, the trees and a tasty fresh orange juice will regenerate us.

Orange Tree in Soller

Learn to Sail

During your four days on board Longarela (a Bavaria 49 sailing yacht), Captain Andrea will take care of the boat. But those who want to learn how to sail have an exceptional opportunity to get introduced to this sport that is a passion for so many of us.

In the summer, the weather in Mallorca is perfect for day sailing as we have a constant light breeze. You won’t find better weather conditions or a better captain to learn the secrets of a sailing boat. You want to relax and be a passenger? Great! Our weather is perfect for that too!

Longarela boat

Cooking Lesson

The cooking lesson is a special way to get in touch with the local culture.

We will have fun while learning how to cook three typical dishes from Spain: the main dish will be “Tortilla de patatas” a thick potato omelette accompanied with “Tumbet”, a multi-layered vegetables dish cooked in the oven, made with local vegetables, and for dessert we will make a delicious “Gató”, a flourless cake made with almonds, eggs and sugar.

We will cook all together with Damià and Marialaura and we will eat this delicious dinner with a good bottle of local wine from Mallorca, in the best Mallorca style.

Paella Valenciana with marisco


After the Cabrera Island, we will come back to the Mallorca coast and we will have a special moment of relaxation and meditation on a beautiful beach with the teacher Simela. We will use the sea and its sounds to relax and take some time for us. This will be a special moment where we will take care of ourselves, following Simela recommendations.

Meditation on the beach


The Palma Cathedral, called La Seu, is right in front of the sea and was built on top of a mosque, in the old city area of Palma de Mallorca

We will visit this beautiful Cathedral accompanied by our guide Rocio and we will admire its Gothic Roman Catholic architecture. But the Cathedral doesn’t only have Gothic influence. In fact, in 1901, Antoni Gaudí was invited to take over the project. Inside the cathedral, we will admire Gaudi’s elegant chandelier among other things.

Palma Cathedral


On the boat, you will have at your disposal snorkeling equipment to discover the marine life around you. The Mediterranean Sea is made up of many colors and near the reefs you can discover a lot of little fish and sea life such as: sea star, octopus, squids, sea urchins, a timid moray, anchovies, jellyfish, sciarrano fish, salpa fish, gallinea fish and much more! We will sail into the Cabrera natural park and there we will have more chances to watch the marine life because all the area is protected.

Snorkeling with the Sea star

Cabrera National Park

We will walk through the Cabrera Island Natural Park and, of course, we will swim in its blue waters. We will discover the plants and wildlife of this area, typical of the Mediterranean Sea. Damià will explain and show you the plants, the birds and the lizards of the islands (nothing dangerous for sure!). At the end of the day, when all the daily visitors leave the island the bay, where we are anchored, will be just for us and we will have one of the most special moments of this trip.

The blue sea

Arab Bath in Palma de Mallorca

We will discover the Old city of Palma de Mallorca in a maze of narrow streets where the Arab influence is still present.

We will visit the old Arab Baths, right in the middle of the Old city. The Arab baths are a rare testimony of the Arab past of Mallorca. The small two-roomed brick building that once housed the baths were probably part of the home of a Muslim nobleman. The little Arab garden outside is beautiful and it helps us to learn how was life in Mallorca during the Muslim era.

Arab bath in Palma de Mallorca


Cala Sa Figuera is a wild bay right before the Cap the Formentor panoramic view point. This is one of my favorite places in Mallorca. It is ideal for snorkeling, because there are some little caves are reefs there. This bay has lots of different blue colors, because the water backdrop is a mix of white sand, reefs and living alga. Around the bay there is a beautiful vertical rock wall, some rolling hills covered with the Mediterranean natural vegetation. Sometimes some wild goats come here from the hill to see what’s going on. We will have a nice picnic in front of the sea and, for sure, we will have a swim in this beautiful water.

Cala Sa Figuera


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