This panoramic village in the Sierra Tramuntana is on a cliff, overlooking the sea. That’s why Banyalbufar has beautiful views on the northern coast of Mallorca and of the Sierra Tramuntana. The name of this village means “on the sea”, nevertheless its inhabitants worked the land more than fishing. Because of its agricultural needs, until nowadays Banyalbufar has terraces and an excellent aqueduct system with numerous water basins capturing any excess water.

Banyalbufar produces vegetables, delicious olive oil, Malvasier grape and the delicious Malvasia wine. We will visit the Banyalbufar center and will admire its panoramic views of the sea with a good glass of Malvasia wine in hand.



Sóller is a small historical town in the Sierra Tramuntana. Sóller is some 3 km inland, from the Port de Sóller, in a large, bowl-shaped valley.

The old street plan is from the Islamic period and lined with historic houses of sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. The relaxed Plaça Constitució is the center of the town, surrounded by cafés trees and a fountain. The Banco de Sóller, in front of this square, is an extraordinary Modernist construction with defining ironwork. The bank was founded in 1889 thanks to the emigrants’ money who returned prosperous to Sóller.

Soller became reach because of the orange production and exportation to France, through the Soller harbor.

Soller in Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca, founded by the Romans, is the capital of the Balearic Islands and a beautiful historical city in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Palma is romantic, surrounded by the sea, with a lot of forgotten buildings and corners that we will explore together. Palma is a big fortress from where past civilizations controlled Palma Bay and the Mediterranean Sea.

We will visit Palma de Mallorca with a private guide who will show us the history of this beautiful city of the Mediterranean Sea trough its monuments like the Cathedral “La Seu”, the old Arab patios, the historical market “La Lonja”,the Arab baths…

Palma de Mallorca

Cap Formentor

Cap Formentor is a spectacular place located on the northernmost point of the island forming the eastern end of the Formentor peninsula.

We will drive the 13 kms road which runs from Port de Pollença to Cap de Formentor, admiring the beautiful landscape around us. We will stop on panoramic points with spectacular views and will take a swim in the wild Cala Figuera, a beach with one hundred different blues on its waters. We will arrive to Formentor Lighthouse, where we will see Menorca and the Pollença bay.

Some wild goats will watch us and we will admire Mallorca’s Finisterre in all its beauty.

cap formentor


Valldemossa is a historic village, famous for its beautiful Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa and its garden of the 14th century. That was built thanks to the mystic and philosopher Ramon Llull lived in this area of Majorca. The Royal Charterhouse hosted not only monks, but also prominent guests, such as Frédéric Chopin and George Sand.

Valdemossa today is know all over the world and has a lot of boutiques with local hand made products such as cotton dress, jewels and local gourmets.

The historical oven Can’ Molinas is in the main street of the village and it has a tasty production of local cakes and empanadas that we cannot avoid to try.

It is part of the history of this enchanted village and we will visit it too!

Valldemossa Panoramic


Alcúdia was founded during the Roman Period and prospered until our time. Today, the center’s architecture shows us an intact medieval wall that runs all around the historical center. But you can find the remains of the Roman town just outside the medieval town walls, in front of the Church of St. Jaume. Inside the medieval centre, there are colored private houses, good bistros and restaurants as well as historical churches to admire. The atmosphere is so relaxed that is perfect to enjoy after the beach while you have delicious tapas.

Alcudia from the main door


Deià is one of the most beautiful villages in the Sierra Tramunatana Mountains, perfectly located between the mountain and the sea. Deià makes us dream because of its construction in harmony with the beautiful landscape. Houses are made will local stones and spread from the valley up to the hill. Here, man respected the natural area and preserved it.

This place is the perfect combination between genuine people, natural beauty and well preserved buildings. I love it!

Deià Mallorca


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